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Vermicomposting activity could be a tool to solve the problems on waste disposal. Worms (African Night Crawlers) used for vermicomposting is an excellent converter of wastes (biodegradable only) into a superior organic fertilizer known as vermicompost or vermicast. This worm can devours/eats as much as its weight (1 gm ave. weight) daily. If you have 1,000 pieces of it then you are already assured of 1 kilo of your waste that will be consumed by these worms and eventually excreted to form an organic fertilizer called vermicasts. Your waste now is already a monney, don't let garbage collector throw your money at dampsites.


   Business activities are as follows:

1. Reproduction and selling of EARTHWORMS      (Night  Crawler)
2. Production and selling of VERMICAST
3. Production and selling of VERMI-TEA
4. Production and selling of VERMI-TEA BREWER

 It has something to do with the following:

1. Environment - earthworms can convert waste    into fertilizer
2. Agriculture - increase yield
3. Economics - increase income
4. Health - provide safe and clean environ

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